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I Pray Today: Free Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources

I Pray Today book: free lessons, activities, and resources for classes or families

In addition to writing children’s books, I also write and edit curriculum for all ages. One thing I love is using that expertise so that my readers can enjoy my books even more.

I Pray Today is written for the littlest booklovers – babies and toddlers. But the themes and ideas are big ones. So I have pulled out those ideas and used them as the basis of lessons and activities for older children.

There are lessons and activities for preschoolers to middle schoolers. Each is tailored to the understanding and interests of a particular age, but flexible enough to be used with a variety of ages.

They’re easy to use, and bonus material and resources can be used to build on the lessons.




And be sure to check out the lessons I wrote for Goodnight Jesus.

Resources for Goodnight Jesus

Weaving and Serendipity

Handwoven Fabric

I put myself through college working in a weaving studio.

True story.

I mentioned this while chatting with the owner of my local yarn store.  Turns out she was looking for a weaving instructor. Serendipity.

So yesterday I taught my first weaving class.

It turned out that one of my students went to the same small college as another student’s husband. In overlapping years. In the same major. Serendipity.

I wasn’t planning to teach a weaving class but a happy coincidence gave me the opportunity. Many great things in my life have happened by chance.  Meeting my husband, my first freelance contract, even deciding to write children’s books. Serendipity.

Keep your eyes open and you might find wonderful things passing your way.

Has this happened to you?